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August 10, 2011

We are proud to announce our WBE certification for the City of Baltimore. Certification # 09-357774

August 18, 2011IBS is now MDOT - MBE Certified in the State of Maryland.

Certification # 11-485



Barrett Roofs


Barrett Company Greenroof-Roofscape® Garden roof systems are rapidly becoming the preferred solution in waterproofing concrete structures where sustainable, LEED qualified, long term performance is required. Their contribution in reducing the heat-island effect, improving air quality via the sequestering of atmospheric carbon and reduction of the airborne particulates is unequaled. These very desirable qualities plus their ability to sharply reduce storm-water runoff makes ecologic, economic and aesthetic sense to an increasing number of stakeholders involved in building practice across North America.
The basic core of any greenroof system is still its moisture protection function. Without the superior waterproofing properties of the RAM-250 Hot Rubberized Asphalt system with it’s inherent ability to withstand building movement and it’s proven long term performance the entire system could fail leading to a very expensive removal and replacement scenario, for all concerned. We at Innovative Building Solutions are proud of the many important buildings and institutions in our region, from the Pentagon to the White house, that have been protected by Barrett Roofing and Waterproofing Systems over the past 25 years.

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