AC-Tech focuses on a narrow part of the building construction process: concrete slabs. These slabs are ready to receive adhesives, protective coatings, roofing assemblies and cementious toppings when there is a problem with product tolerances to alkalinity, elevated moisture vapor levels, soaked-in oil and chemical resides, or threats of pin holing. AC-Tech’s product’s are focused on helping make slabs meets ASTM and ACI Standards so you can make them beautiful, sustainable, and high preforming — just as you originally designed and envisioned. .

Go-Early Technology
Forms a 14,500 psi/non-permeable membrane to act as the curing compound, allowing contractors to put other trades on the slab much faster, speeding up construction times. Interior walls build on slab are now protected from moisture wicking and therefore mold and mildew growth.

2170 System for Vapor Reduction
A 2 component, 100% reactive solids, vapor reduction epoxy that has been tested to contain ZERO VOC emissions and almost no detectable odor, making it ideal for sensitive and soon-to-be-occupied areas. 2170 is a one coat system that requires no sand broadcasting and is compatible with most flooring systems and adhesives.

Oil Buster System
A two-step, cost-effective solution for removing hydrocarbons and organic chemical contaminants from deep within a concrete slab, then seals it for safe installation of your final flooring system. Makes a contaminated and unusable concrete slab cleaned, sealed, and ready to receive flooring covering within days.

AB-COR System
A ground-breaking, single coat anti-corrosive system for industrial and commercial products developed with state-of-the-art bionic engineering and nanotechnology. AB-COR is a durable, reliable, environmentally responsible and economical solution to protect metallic structures from the various stresses that cause corrosion, damage and structural failure.

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