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Building Solutions

If you’re a commercial, residential, industrial, or institutional property owner looking for cost-effective ways to protect the investment in your property, Innovative Building Solutions can provide you with experienced supplier services and specification-driven product recommendations that perfectly address the critical needs of your structure. From waterproofing and insulation to high-performance roofing systems, our products deliver unsurpassed value at a highly competitive price. And for building material manufacturers looking to market their building envelope products across the nation or internationally, Innovative Building Solutions can also help you develop a streamlined marketing strategy that targets the right audience and grows your customer base.

When you partner with Innovative Building Solutions for your building envelope needs, we’ll provide you with a diverse array of building material and coating products featuring some of America’s favorite brands and features. Aside from our experienced supply and distribution services, we provide detail-oriented envelope inspection services to ensure your structure is at peak protection, and make accurate recommendations wherever vulnerabilities are identified. We can also perform professional and efficient installation services for rooftop and plaze deck paving projects.

Energy Reduction in the State of Maryland

The EmPower Maryland Energy Efficiency Act of 2008 set goals to reduce energy consumption by 15% by the end of 2015. According to the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA), the average homeowner can save up to 50% on their energy bill by installing various combinations of energy saving measures. The certified experts at Innovative Building Solutions, Inc. can help you select the best products for your structure, including air sealing, insulation, lighting & appliance upgrades, installing efficient waterproofing systems, upgrading heating and cooling systems, and much more.

If you have any questions regarding our building envelope expertise or the value-added services we can provide to property owners and manufacturers, we invite you to contact us at 410-643-6161 today.