Detec Systems

Detec provides leading-edge technology in the field of electronic leak detection by way of membrane integrity testing and scanning, as well as automated structure monitoring This patented technology has been used in the construction industry for over 25 years to provide quality assurance and peace of mind that remains unparalleled in today’s electronic leak detection industry.

INTEGRISCAN:Electronic Leak Detection Testing
The IntegriScan is a low voltage ELD testing service used for quality control. It pinpoints breaches in roofing and waterproofing assemblies by detecting water paths from building to ground, completing an electrical circuit.

TRUGROUND®: Conductive Primer
A patented conductive medium that can be added during construction to enable electronic testing on conventional and inverted roof assemblies with non-conductive substrates such as wood, light-weight concrete, coverboard and insulation.

PERMASCAN: Embedded Leak Detection System
The PermaScan Electronic Leak Detection system is a moisture monitoring system that is designed specifically to minimize disruption to both the membrane assembly and overburden. PermaScan ensures the longest possible service life for your waterproof membrane.

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