Gilbert Express Torches

From producing the first-ever electric soldering iron to pioneering butane/propane tools to selling over 5 million torches worldwide, Express has over 100 years of successful industry experience. All of their products are built, tested and packaged under strict guidelines, and since earning ISO 9001 certification in 2009, they have upheld their standard of excellence. Express currently holds over 60 patents and their high-performance products are proven efficient and safe to meet the demanding needs of the professional user: roofers, contractors, and distributors.

Express Torch Kits
The Express product line includes the lightest – to the one of the strongest- torches on the market. From the durable stainless steel torch to the ultra light titanium model, all of their kits offer power, precision, and superior results Complete with UL listed hoses and regulators, the torches are available in normal, short, detail or high power.

Express Raptor Torch Kits
The Express Raptor Torch is a unique product and a result of years of R&D and testing woks. It combines precision, speed, and safety. Its piezo trigger automatically ignites the flame which automatically turns off when the torch is no longer in hand. The higher-output, shorter flame cane be precisely controlled simply by squeezing the trigger. First presented as a detail torch, new accessories are turning the Raptor into the most incredible field torch on the market!

Express Soldering Kits
Three soldering iron kits are offered for different applications, including the first-ever hoseless iron specifically for repairs. Efficient, reliable, and innovate — these irons give you the ability to work smarter and the power to succeed. Experience the power of higher maximum temperatures and zero heat loss, plus increased productivity and professional results.

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