Innovative Building Solutions (IBS) was founded in 1999 by Bonnie and Steven Carroll as a strategic sales and marketing agency that promoted high-performance waterproofing coatings and roofing systems. Today, our extensive industry knowledge encompasses some of America’s best brands and products, which helps us provide a comprehensive, “whole building envelope” approach to any commercial, residential, industrial, or institutional structure. At Innovative Building Solutions, we maintain strong relationships with a broad network of architects, distributors, and specialist contractors to offer our clients the very best solutions and service that our industry has to offer.

The innovative products you’ll find at IBS are designed to protect, waterproof, and enhance your overall building envelope performance, from long term sustainability and material longevity to adverse weather resistance and energy conservation. As a certified MBE Woman-Owned Business, we’re uniquely positioned to provide property owners with affordable solutions and Federal incentive program qualification. And because we have so many years of experience selling some of the industry’s most competitive products and materials, we can provide personalized consultation to coatings and building material manufacturers who are looking for strategic marketing solutions to better promote their products.

If you have any questions regarding our organization or if you would like to discuss your building envelope concerns with a trusted professional, give IBS a call at 410-643-6161 today.