A long-time industry favorite, Kemper System developed the first cold liquid-applied, fully reinforced waterproofing membrane in 1957. Since then, this manufacturer’s products have been proven to perform at peak performance over billions of square feet of building material. Today, Kemper System continues this tradition by producing some of the highest quality waterproofing and roofing membranes in the world.

Kemper Waterproofing Systems
Monolithic, seamless waterproofing membrane for long-term protection of structures and buildings. Proven performance on billions of square feet throughout the world.

Kemper Roofing Systems
Premium liquid-applied technology offered with a single-source warranty for various full roof assemblies, including green and eco-roofs and thermal insulation build-ups.

Kemper Surfacing Systems
Liquid-applied resin systems for surfaces with heavy or light vehicular traffic, pedestrian traffic or indoor mechanical rooms. Available in a wide range of design options.

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