Contractors and property owners searching for a nationwide manufacturer of rooftop safety products always turn to SafePro Safety. Carefully developed by experienced commercial roofing professionals, SafePro’s Automatic Roof Hatch Opener and Roof Hatch Rails are optimized to:

  • Prevent injuries and save lives
  • Mitigate risks to building owners, property managers, and roofing professionals
  • Provide OSHA compliance
  • Improve building security

You won’t find a safer or more simple rooftop fall prevention system that SafePro. With easy to install products and no need to penetrate the roofing or compromise a roofing system’s warranty, SafePro makes a great option for any commercial, industrial, residential, or institutional structure.

If you’re looking for safety-focused products and building envelope solutions to ease your property ownership responsibilities, give the experts at Innovative Building Solutions a call at 410-643-6161 today to find the perfect solution for your needs.